DUI Defense Attorney in Chattanooga, TN

Don't Let A DUI Destroy You

Anyone can be charged with DUI, even some of the most responsible, hard-working, and honest people. It doesn't take much to be left facing a DUI charge, and it's imperative to act fast. Protect yourself or your family while you still can and don't let yourself stand before a judge without The Law Offices of Garth Best on your side.

  • You can lose your license or haverestrictions on your ability to drive
  • Many schools take disciplinary actions against students with DUI charges
  • A DUI charge can damage future employment opportunities.It closes potential doors of opportunity! Don't let a DUI close the door to your dream job
  • Insurance companies will raise costs considerably. A DUI lawyer's help can prevent that and save you money in insurance costs

DUI penalties can be unforgiving, and it's frightening to face a DUI charge alone. Many times, it's the first contact people have with the justice system, and it leaves them in unfamiliar territory.

Drunk-driving laws are taken very seriously in Tennessee

Drunk Driving is peculiar in that many offenders are unaware that they were breaking the law in the first place, because most people simply had a drink before they got in their car. Without help, a tiny mistake could ruin you.

Without a DUI lawyer, the consequences of drunk driving are dire, so get yourself the ultimate defense. A DUI conviction will stay on your record for the rest of your life. Don't let yourself spend years trying to repair the damage that poor representation could bring.

Because a DUI is so common, there is always a need for a good DUI attorney and our office is committed to filling that need. Our office is a law firm that knows how to fight a DUI conviction and knows the law well. You can rely on us.

A DUI charge can be defeated and we're here to stand and defend you. Call us today at (423) 424-0887, and we'll fight for you.


Garth was always on top of things and got us a great deal. All I have to say is if you have Garth as your lawyer,he will fight for you.I would hire Garth if I ever again need an Attorney.


In my experiences with attorneys, and yes unfortunately I have had to hire a few, Mr. Garth Best has surpassed my expectations! Straight forward, down to earth, this is what I can do for you professional! I highly recommend looking him up if ever you need legal consultation. Respectful and understanding he kindly helped me understand all of my options. Top notch in my opinion!