Domestic Assault Attorney in Chattanooga, TN

Protect Yourself from Domestic Assault Charges

Whether you're accused of domestic violence, or a victim, this isn't something to be ignored. Protect yourself with the right legal representation immediately.

Domestic assault impacts families, loved ones, and the penalties are harsh. A domestic violence conviction closes opportunities to jobs, and can include jail time along with some of the worst fines. Domestic violence continues to affect families long after everything is said and done. Many times an order will be put in place that bars the accused from being near their family. There are community resources for counseling for both accusers and the accused.

Get the Knowledge and Help You Need

It's in your best interest to talk to adomestic assault attorney with experience and knowledge. It will ease your concerns and put you on the right track to fighting past this.

There are so many complexities and intricacies in domestic violence and it's wrought with miscommunications and poor circumstances. We have the tools and resources to give both the accusers and the accused real representation, and our staff communicates clearly and honestly with clients. You'll have the information you need and help you can trust.

A Proper Investigation Makes All the Difference

We're determined to stay ahead of the opposition, and make sure you have all the necessary information and know all the options. We'll break past lies and false claims, and conduct an investigation into your case to find the evidence you need to build your case.

Our staff has the knowledge and experience to obtain orders of protection immediately, acts proactively in your interest and does everything within its power to help you. Every step will be taken to make sure you get everything you need.

Call us today at (423) 424-0887, and have a meeting with a skilled, experienced Domestic Assault Lawyer.


Garth was always on top of things and got us a great deal. All I have to say is if you have Garth as your lawyer,he will fight for you.I would hire Garth if I ever again need an Attorney.


In my experiences with attorneys, and yes unfortunately I have had to hire a few, Mr. Garth Best has surpassed my expectations! Straight forward, down to earth, this is what I can do for you professional! I highly recommend looking him up if ever you need legal consultation. Respectful and understanding he kindly helped me understand all of my options. Top notch in my opinion!